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How to live a life full of passion

“Love is not just something that happens to you: it is a certain special way of being alive.”    –  Thomas Merton

I think too often we confuse finding love with living a life full of passion, because we seek both.

The place to begin in your search for a life full of love, is to create a life full of passion.

What does that mean?   It means waking up each day feeling a passion for everything: the amazing new day given to you, the exciting things you plan to do with it, and the passion you feel for life itself.

I know the alternative to this way of life, because I lived it for decades.  The drudgery of doing a job you rarely get any excitement from.    The dead end relationships that slowly sap all of your energy and passion, never giving any genuine love or appreciation in return.

How do you escape this 9-5 way of dying?   By saying to yourself you are finally through with settling and mean it this time.  By sitting alone with yourself for a time, and allowing  yourself to feel all of the anger that comes from seeing your  life EXACTLY the way it is.

By having the courage to say, “I’m going to change this or die trying!”

Most will say this sounds far too risky.  They will say “Get real!”   But I have found that there is no excellence without taking the risk of feeling true love and passion for your life and your goals.

Take the leap today and build your wings on the way down!