The Alex Ginsburg ’93 Fellows

The Alex Ginsburg ’93 Fund for Computer Science and Algorithmic Thinking Fellows is a new and permanently endowed fund established to provide opportunities for guidance and mentorship for students of computer science at Amherst College. Fellows will assume a variety of roles, including:

  • assisting department faculty in courses and providing academic support to students
  • working across departments with faculty who want to incorporate computer science and algorithmic thinking into their teaching and research
  • collaborating with the fellows in statistics and in data science

We are pleased to introduce our second group of Ginsburg Fellows, who will help support our courses in fall 2019:

Ben Fleischmann '21

Ben Fleischmann Hi, Iʼm Ben and Iʼm a junior from San Francisco. I took my first ever Computer Science course on a whim the second semester of my first year at Amherst. Iʼm lucky I did because I took an immediate liking to the the subject. This past summer, I worked for a nonprofit in San Francisco doing machine learning work. The experience was great, and I hope to further explore the field of AI. Outside of class, I like to cook, play guitar, skateboard, and be outdoors.


Kathleen Isenegger '20

Kathleen Isenegger I am a senior double majoring in Computer Science and Sexualities, Women's, and Gender Studies. I work as a fellow for the CS department and at Frost Library. Upon graduating from Amherst I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in CS to one day be a professor.



William Jang '20

Billy Jang Hi! I’m Billy Jang and I’m a senior studying computer science and math at Amherst College. I’m interested in ML, AI, and security, but ultimately would be happy working in any field as long as I could interact and collaborate with people. I’m currently writing a thesis with Professor Alfeld in the field of adversarial machine learning. I hope to become a professor in the future. Outside of CS, I work various jobs, climb, and play oboe.


Juhwan Jeong '20


My name is Juhwan Jeong and I’m a senior majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I genuinely love computer science and I hope I can spread the love to other students. After graduation, I’m going to look for a software engineer position at a company.



Analis Marrero '20

Analis Hiya! I’m Analis. I’m a senior Computer Science major from Miami, Florida. I first discovered CS my first semester at Amherst, and I’ve loved coding ever since. I’ve been a TA and a peer tutor for Computer Science since my sophomore year, and after graduation, I’ll be a software engineer at Facebook in New York City. When I’m not coding, I’m probably watching Netflix or playing dominoes. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!


Eddie Shen '20

Eddie Shen I’m Eddie Shen, a senior Computer Science and Mathematics double major from Beijing, China. I’m fascinated by how computer science enables us to efficiently process and effectively extract information from data. I hope to understand utilize these techniques to better inform human decisions.

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Outside of computer science and math, I am an avid (read: strongly opinionated) basketball fan who closely follows NBA statistics. I also love to play pool and cook for family and friends.

Lesley Zheng '21

Lesley Zheng I was born in New York, but I grew up in Beijing, China attending a British international school. Change was a constant theme growing up, but what stayed constant were the numbers and equations that appear in math classes and the kind of logical thinking in daily life.

I came into Amherst College intending to major in mathematics and took an introduction to computer science class out of pure curiosity. I ended up loving it! I am now a computer science major (considering a double major with math) and a second time teaching assistant for the introductory computer science class. I hope to share the love I discovered when I first took computer science with the next group of students.